July 14th, 2020

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Don't be afraid to ask!

Why not asking, while gluten free food make you heal... Here is my story, enjoy it...

By Janice Hudson



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I know there are times in all of our gluten free lives where we order something simple like a salad, so we don't have to ask so many questions of the waiter. It gets exhausting to perform an interrogation before every meal, trust me I know. But I wanted to share a little reminder of why it can pay off just to ask.

This is a trio of sliders from Trio at the Four Seasons Austin. The FSA has a large gluten free menu, but these sliders (apologies for the poor quality blackberry photo) are not on the GF menu.

Collecting candy berries. Because: yum.

However, I know Trio is known for excellent service, as I have experienced many times there, and I know they now carry Udi's gluten free bread. I asked my waiter if it would be possible to get the sliders made with Udi's. I offered to pay extra if needed.

The waiter asked the kitchen and returned to let me know the chef would be happy to make this modification. I was excited. I assumed they'd just cut down the bread a little to fit the small patties, but as you can see from the photo, they even cut the Udi's into little circles and toasted and buttered the resulting buns!

They were delicious, and I was so glad I asked. So next time you really want something that maybe at first glance doesn't seem gluten free, don't be afraid to ask the kitchen if they can make modifications.

It might pay off times three!




copied !

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Awesome, thanks a lot <3


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